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Fellow Earthlings,

Wiltshire and The Chosen Few are a time-traveling, Alternative Folk-Rock band from Central Florida.

After spending years chasing the “American Dream” and finding out it was nothing but a nightmare and back pain, they decided to follow their own dream: “one note at a time, saving the world from bad music with slightly better music.”

Under the cover of colorful folk-rock tunes lies probing questions into issues and ideals often thought taboo in modern societies. Wiltshire and The Chosen Few like to ask the questions, present the ideas and let the listener arrive at their own conclusions.

We are busy working on a new CD entitled “The Liar.” Expect it to come out in early 2014!

New merchandise will be available soon as well. Stay tuned for upcoming band shows. I will still be performing some solo shows occasionally. We hope to see you real soon.


Long Gone - William WiltshireLong Gone - William Wiltshire
“Long Gone” is available on iTunes, Amazon as well as CDBaby. Sales from this CD will help needy ears hear more tunes from WaTCF as well as help us spread the word. Feel free to sample just don’t let people see you double dip.


“Long Gone” released October 2012.


Solo and Band shows.


Road photos and random musings.


Random thoughts you never thought you’d wanna know.